Kimagure Orange College


"Kimagure Orange College", or KOC for short, is the sequel TV series (well, a screenplay for sequel TV series) to "Kimagure Orange Road" (KOR), a highly influential animated TV series (based on a comic book series by Matsumoto Izumi), aired on Japanese TV in 1987-88.


Writer's foreword

This fan-fict series is based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road. It is intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they start the next phase of their lives in college.

If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new characters and previous events are listed after the ending credits. In addition, previous episodes are available at the RAAC archive.

One thing I would like to say up front: although I have graduated from college, my experience is in the American college system and culture. The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals, and research. Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education system. In fact, I would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers might offer.




Newly revised older episodes (version 2) are denoted by [v2].
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