Discotek Licenses Kimagure Orange Road, Plans 2 Blu-Ray Sets

Greetings! Welcome to Orangeroad.US, which is another Kimagure Orange Road Fan Portal.

I started this site after a lot of Kimagure Orange Road resources disappeared off the internet. While there used to be a lot of working sites, unfortunately as time has gone on, previous writers, contributors, fans, etc have stopped maintaining what they had out on the internet as they have gone on with their lives and the sites went down.

I think years back many of the site creators just thought our stuff would stick around forever. I, myself was a member of the team that translated the manga, and even I found myself having to scavenge the works I helped create from the internet wastepaper baskets and reform it into an archive.

This site represents my attempt to try to re-consolidate and bring back from the dead as many resources as I can. Via the original sources, copying websites, and any way I can find to make sure the work that many fans have done is preserved.

Each work is being pulled back, and the pages carefully reconstructed and updated and links made local to the archives I have remade. While each site seems contructed similar to the original sites right now... the original sites were Web 1.0, and sometimes (as was popular at the time) garishly decorated and created being goecities and other hotsites. I do not expect, to keep their formatting forever. However, at this stage, I am more interested in recollecting the content, than reworking how the thing looks. But it will eventually be changed.

While working on this, I have made every attempt to contact the owner, creator of the page, or creator of the work involved. If anyone wishes their works removed, please mail me via the mail link on the right of this page.