A Guide to Kimagure Orange Road

Version 1.4 in progress
July 6, 2011

[Since v1.3] Overhaul since Jan 14, 1995 and Updated to 2011 from KOR ML discussion.
[Since v1.2] Reworked timelines and chronology. Revised FAQ #16, #19 and #74, added #78 and #79.

[Foreword1] This Guide is designed to give fans a general knowledge of Kimagure Orange Road, to provide answers to many common and some uncommon questions, and for those who dare, some of the insights and symbols of the animated series. It began as the mumblings of a bunch of KOR fans through e-mails, then it turned into a FAQ of 700 lines and 65 entries. Six months and a FAQ later, it is in its current form: four parts, 2800+ lines, and 135KB. In the process, numerous fans have helped greatly in making this possible: Harold Ancell, Sean Camanyag, Robert Carragher, Howard Chan, Herbert Fung, Quincy Huoh, Charles Kwong, Anthony Lau, Eugene Lee, Jerry Lee, Roderick Lee, Egan Loo, Tony Moy, Eric Shen, Stephen Tsai, Edward Weinstein, and everyone who have provided comments, corrections and support. I thank them all. And of course, a deep bow to Matsumoto Izumi for starting the wildfire.
Any comments, corrections, additions, updates, praises, flames, gifts, donations, mail bombs and leftover pizzas, please send to:
Wei Xiong                                     wxiong@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu

Wei Xiong

[Foreword2] It has been over 15 years since this guide was last released and the 1.4 version goes back over the 1.3 guide to re-examine and update it for the current century. New KOR material has been released since then and while answers have not changed from the 1.3 release it has been expanded upon. Answers come from the KOR ML as do the updates. Attempts to contact Wei have not worked out so this is a community effort. It is astounding how some material one would think would live forever dissappears from the net in 15 years. Hopefully, we can attempt to save it forever in one place.
Numerout fans have nade this possible including: Wei-Hwa Huang, Jeanne Hedge, Edward Craddock, Kevin Callahan, Chris Hartford, Jeremy Steele, Chris Gottschalk, Vladimir Zelevinsky, and others.
Thank you one and all.

Spencer Hastings

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